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Communications Requirements…

Devon Website Postings

Devon Dispatch

If you’d like to send something out, fill out our online DES Communications Submission form.  Filling out the form will get your submission into the Devon Dispatch for however long you’d like.  You’ll also have the option of having a reminder sent to our DES community that you can customize.  Any form submitted through our online form will then be put onto our website.

So, here are the options for PTO communications moving forward:

1)  Devon Dispatch:  NOW emailed weekly.  Once you complete and submit your form, Dr. Parker, Wendy Cook, Kelly Myers and myself will be emailed.  Dr. Parker will review your submission and has the option of approving.  If he requests changes in your submission, you will receive an email that shows your filled out form.  There will be a “Status” field at the bottom that will have requested changes.  You can make the changes on the form and resubmit.  If it’s approved by Dr. Parker, our communications team will receive it and publish it as per your instructions on the form.
2)  Remind:  The Remind App is a substitute for email blasts.  It can send short text or email reminders about events and it has a translation function for over 90 languages.  You can also attach documents, so if you’d like to attach your flyer you submitted for the Dispatch you can do that as well.  If you need more volunteers this might be a great way to go.  If you’d like multiple Reminders you can request that in the “Additional information/Notes” section of the online form.  I signed up all board members on Remind, but I believe you have to accept the invitation.  If you’re a chair and haven’t signed up yet you can do so by clicking this link:
3)  PTO Website (  All Devon Dispatch submissions will live on the PTO website.  Michele automatically updates the site with your event’s information.  This is important because if someone is looking for information regarding the PTO they will be able to find it on the site.
4)  Friday Folders:  If you’d like a hard copy of your flyer sent home, please provide to Karen Burns by the Monday before you’d like it sent out.  It will need to have been approved by Dr. Parker.


Deadline for Submission

  • Website Postings – Submissions are due ONE week before they need to be communicated. Please allow 24-48 hours for any news or events to be added to the website
  • Devon Dispatch – Submissions are due ONE week before the issue date