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Arts Express Week:

Arts Express Week is held each spring, typically in May. During the week, an artist in residence comes in to the school to work with students to develop a program to present to the entire student body. The fourth grade class has been the focus of a performance at the end of each Arts Express Week with the lower grades contributing actively to the event. Furthermore, all students will have the opportunity to participate in various workshops and activities which relate to the chosen theme of the week. Past themes have included dance, music, theatre, graphic arts, and circus. This annual event usually attracts a large team of volunteers and there are opportunities for everyone who would like to be involved. Co-Chairs and their teams will coordinate the 4th grade program, organize student workshops and activities for the week, and work together to choose and contract with an artist for the following year.

Chair of Visiting Author Day

Responsible for organizing the daily agenda for the visiting author, by working with the Librarian, Principal and Cultural Arts chair. Organizing the pre-sale of authors books, book signings and luncheon. Act as liaison from Cultural arts to Author.

DELTA Ticket Manager

Advertise the District shows within the school through the Devon Dispatch and Friday folders. Maintain box for ticket orders. Distribute tickets accordingly. Provide summary sheet and proceeds of ticket sales to Cultural Arts chair.

Assembly Host Chair

Coordinate volunteers to help host performing artists visiting the school. Greet performers, provide snacks and water, make sure performance area is set up prior to show. Make sure performer completes a W-9 form. Enjoy performance and provide feedback.

A district-wide art education program that aims to encourage art appreciation at the elementary school level.  Volunteers commit to a training program during the fall and then present a portfolio of images or “traveling museum” to students throughout the winter and spring.