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Devon Elementary School Cultural Arts Program Guide


Each year, the DES PTO Cultural Arts Committee arranges and sponsors programs to enhance our students’ experience of arts, culture, literature, history and science through live performances and interactive workshops. Selected with input from faculty and staff, the programs are designed to enrich the curriculum and provide exposure to a range of subjects and artistic expression. The Cultural Arts budget is funded by our Annual PTO fundraising efforts including the “Parent Social.”


October 9th (Tue)


Grade 1:

9:30AM – LGR


The Franklin Institute – How to Build a Storm: The Weather Show

Lightning, twisters and hail, oh my! This show reveals the science of weather… to the extreme.  Where does our weather come from and what factors make it a sunny day or a blustery one? We’ll make a cloud, explore lightning and thunder… and even create snow!  We promise a stormy ending to this show as we demonstrate the power of a tornado!

November 2nd (Fri)

Grade 3:

9:15 AM – Cafeteria

Workshops follow in LGR

The Bee Man – “Dancin’ with the Honeybees”

Cliff Wright-Sunflower is a master beekeeper, environmental educator, storyteller and performer. Using honeybees as his focus, Cliff teaches concepts, facts and ideas about the Ecology of the natural world through this assembly/workshop program. He uses storytelling, poetry, prose, puppetry, music, dance and participatory theatre followed by the “Bee Touch Me Museum” lab program to reinforce the science concepts presented in the main assembly.

November 7th (Wed)


9:00 – Gr. K-2

10:00 – Gr. 3 & 4

(45 Minute Assemblies)

Fall DELTA Block Booking – AudioBody: Electronic Circus Arts

AudioBody’s performance is an electronic journey into an unknown realm of seriously spectacular entertainment! This thrilling show is an explosive mix of circus arts, relentless comedy, award-winning technology, world-class juggling, computerized LED light shows, and live upbeat music!


December 21st (Fri)


AM: 10:15 AM – LGR

·         PM:  12:45 PM – LGR

Mother Goose – Alphabet Rhymes

Traditional nursery rhymes recited by Mother Goose herself!  Kindergarteners hear a rhyme for each letter of the alphabet and work on phonemic awareness. Students participate in story and action rhymes, and Mother Goose always brings along her stuffed goose for the children to pet!

January 31st (Thu)

 Grade 2

Full Day Workshops-LGR

30 minute sessions beginning at 9:00 AM

Chinese Celebration – Master Hou-Tien Cheng, Master Paper Cutter

Dressed in a traditional Chinese robe and hat, Master Cheng will demonstrate the amazing and ancient art of Chinese Paper Cutting by creating a work for each of our 2nd graders.  The art of paper cutting dates back to the Han Dynasty in the 6th century when paper was invented. Red cut-outs added color to snow-covered landscapes and cutouts were also used as patterns for intricate needle and lacquer work.

·         TBD 4th grade assembly to be determined. Will replace previous years’ visit from National Constitution Center as they no longer have their traveling history and civic programs


9:00 – Gr. K-2

10:00 – Gr. 3-4

(45 Minute Assemblies)

Visiting Author TBD
March 18-22

(to be confirmed)


All Grades

Art Goes to School

AGTS is an art appreciation program that aims to encourage art appreciation at the elementary school level. Its goal is to enrich students through exposure to art and to motive them to become interested in art through all its forms and periods. Volunteers visit elementary school classrooms to lead a discussion of art in a fun and interesting manner by asking questions to elicit thoughts, ideas, and comments from the students about a group of art reproductions.

March 20th (Wed)


9:00 – Gr. K-2

10:00 – Gr. 3 & 4

(45 Minute Assemblies)

Spring DELTA Block Booking – Dance China New York: Acrobatic Power Plus

In this tour de force program, Dance China New York’s beautifully costumed dancers demonstrate physical strength, precise balance, agility, and dexterity while showcasing spellbinding feats such as plate spinning, foot juggling, and the Chinese water bowl. An incredible introduction to how acrobatics are extracted from skills in daily life, work, and martial arts.

May 13-17

(to be confirmed)


All Grades

Arts Express Week 2019: Theme – Music

The 54th Anniversary of Devon Elementary Arts Express Week!

Artists in Residence –


June TBD

 All Grade Assembly

9:30 AM – Cafeteria

Last Day Celebration TBD


To learn more about DES Cultural Arts and how to get involved, please contact:


Mary Ellen O’Donnell

Christina Arnault