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                Devon Cultural Arts Endowment Fund

                In 1989, the Cultural Arts Committee added Arts Express Week to our list of work for Devon Elementary School, with the goals of annually:

– providing in-depth, hands-on experiences with one art form for a whole week

-expanding art experiences for children across the curriculum

– having artists-in-residence as new role models and teachers

-giving teachers new materials and ways to integrate art into their classrooms

-having the whole school working and learning together

-bringing in the community through shows and newspaper articles

-providing a lasting memory for the children of happy, exciting, involved, creative learning as well as permanent art exhibited at the school.

  By the spring of 1991 there was a history of three successful years of Arts Express Week at Devon and it was clear that it was a “winner”.  This winner could only continue if the funding and volunteer energy could be continued.  And so the idea of the Endowment  – an entirely new approach to elementary school arts funding was born and was immediately and enthusiastically supported. The Endowment was officially started in June of 1991 and continues to provide support to Cultural Arts programming. 

 All contributions made to the Endowment fund are tax deductible and the endowment qualifies for matching education gifts from corporate employers.  If you are interested in making a contribution or learning more about the fund please contact: Cathy Darlington