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EARTH DAY EVENT: Shredding & Recycling

WHO: The Green Initiative ~ DES & TEMS Participating

  • INVITED: The Entire T/E Community


WHAT: Awesome Spring Cleaning, Earth Day, Shredding & Recycling event, including…

  • SHREDDING: DocuVault will be here with its truck to shred any paper items you have. Everything they shred is 100% recycled, often turned into paper towels and/or toilet paper.


  • RECYCLING: Please start to save these items NOW and recycle them at the event:

o   Batteries,   Crayons / Markers,   Light bulbs (any type),   Printer/Ink Cartridges,  Brita/PUR water filters,   Shoes

o   ** AND  Small Toys (clean, lightly used, nothing that goes in the mouth) **

  • LEARNING / BUYING: There will be a table where you can pick up Green Info & Tips. In addition, there will be Green products to purchase, such as lunch containers, biodegradable trash bags, battery testers and more! Please bring cash and/or your checkbook for purchases.


WHERE: Devon Elementary School; front of school  (Rain plan: held in cafeteria)

WHEN: Friday, April 20th from 2:30pm – 5:30pm

WHY: Because we’re all in this together! It’s our responsibility to care for this Earth NOW before it’s too late.  (And watching stuff get shred up is pretty cool, too!)

COST: FREE!  Come shred your documents, possibly purchase some ‘Green’ items and learn something new!

For more information, contact Gaby Snyder (DES) at  or Tracy Viola (DES) at  or Heather Hill (TEMS) at


Next Friday, April 20, DES is celebrating Earth Day with a Waste Free Lunch Day!

What is a waste-free lunch?

  • Start with a reusable lunchbox or backpack
  • Pack your food in reusable containers
  • Use a refillable drink bottle
  • Include reusable utensils
  • Add a cloth napkin

We are attempting to REDUCE the amount of trash produced during lunch. One child’s disposable lunch generates an average of 67 pounds of waste each school year.

In general, when packing lunches:

* Talk to your child/ren to ensure they will eat what will be packed – not just today but every day.

*If child is buying, encourage them only to take what they will eat.

*A LOT of uneaten sandwiches & snacks are thrown away every day!!! *The Ultimate goal is to use REUSABLE products – reusable sandwich bags, reusable snack bags, drink containers, reusable forks & spoons & lunchboxes

For more information, please visit: For reusable lunch items:,

Thank you so much for your help in achieving our Earth Day goal – it is greatly appreciated!

Sincerely,  The Green Team